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April 29, 2013


‘Dark Shadow’ EP and video is available for download from April 29, 2013 and is the first release from UK DJ / Producer duo, Snap Shot, a newly-formed musical collaboration between established music artists Mark XTC and Microcosm.

NBA001: Snap Shot ft. Tonn Piper

  • 'Dark Shadow' (Radio Edit) by Snap Shot Ft. Tonn Piper
  • 'Dooms' by Snap Shot
  • 'Wave Length' by Snap Shot
  • 'Blow Yer Mind' by Snap Shot
  • 'Dark Shadow' (Instrumental) by Snap Shot

Offering five distinct tracks, and featuring title track vocals from Manchester-based MC Tonn Piper, ‘Dark Shadow,’ embodies a dark minimal style which is a signature of the NBA label, whilst also presenting more experimental sounds like ‘Blow Yer Mind’; a house track with strong tech influences. DJ / Producers Mark XTC and Microcosm, have individually been driving forces behind the North's underground music culture, with Mark, being best known for co-founding DA INTALEX partnership with Marcus Kaye, and presenting the drum and bass radio show on Galaxy 102 (formerly Kiss 102), and Microcosm AKA Philip Lomas, as one of the founding members of Manchester production collective, North Base. Tonn Piper is a resident at Manchester’s Warehouse Project, APE and Metropolis, hosting DJs such as Andy C, DJ Hype, Scratch Perverts, Stanton warriors, Freestlyers, Goldie, Roni Size, Skream and Benga. Tonn, who is best known as the front man of band ‘Day Walkers’, also makes regular appearances on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra and more recently toured with Black Grapes’ Shaun Ryder.

Snap Shots description of EP: 'Dark Shadow - we were thinking of shadow boxing when we made this,as well as some drum and bass tracks from the late 90s where artists like dillinja and ed rush and optical would keep the track building all the way to the 2nd drop, we thought it would work well with an mc and bought in tonn piper to add another dimension,the lyrics he came up with fitted the mood of the track perfectly. Dooms- Another dnb track influenced by some the dark dnb tracks of the of 90s, we thought we would bring it up to date with a half step beat and more modern production techniques. Wave length- We decided to make a tune at a slower tempo, using similar techniques that we used on our dnb tracks, Blow your mind- This tune harks back to our shared love of house and techno again with similar dnb influences to the rest of the ep'

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