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May 25, 2015


Quantum Mechanix Bio: Quantum Mechanix is a collaboration project between Killscreen Recordings owners Thrash Pilot (Jim Kennedy) and Fractals (Jim Wheatley). Yes they are both called 'Jim’. Thrash Pilot has been releasing drum and bass on various labels and under various names since his first in 1999 on Manchester’s Abstrakt Recordings. Fractals used to be half of the Ableton mash up group ‘Vinyl [ABORT]’ who supported Chase & Status on tour, he also ran the ‘Detonate’ night in Nottingham for many years putting on parties for thousands of students. After individual success throughout 2013 with dnbarena top ten hit the 'Nightstalker EP' and a string of other releases. The Jims are now working together. With a highly refined sound and minimal approach to drum and bass, their sound has been played all over the world, from the dons of dnb 'Grooverider', 'Randall', 'Nicky Blackmarket', 'Dillinja', 'Break', 'Foreign Concept', 'Matrix and Futurebound', The list goes on. They have now signed to Manchester's premier dark drum and bass label, NB Audio with ‘The Balrog’ EP.

NBA006: The Balrog EP by Quantum Mechanix

  • The Balrog
  • Dark Fly
  • Phase Shift
  • Into Infinity

The Balrog was our first proper studio collaboration and - aside from the mixing - it just sort of wrote itself. Came together really quickly. Jim (Fractals) designed some bass patches and sketched out a rough arrangement then Jim (Thrash Pilot) added some more musical elements and completed the arrangement proper, before dropping in the special fx and build-ups, then back to Fractals for mix down duties. We're still the most pleased with this one; dance floor damage! Dark Fly started as a totally different tune if I remember, started by Thrash...might put that out as a remix. Then it went to Fractals and was dissected and turned on its head, adding warping snarls and an elastic pulse. It came back to Thrash who added more bass and fx, then back to Fractals for a mixdown and such. Phase Shift came straight after the Balrog. It was a bit more considered, because we wanted something with a different feel to that one. We played around with the groove and percussion bits for a while, but didn't get any further. Then a few days later were working on some bass sound design and came up with some parts that sounded like they might work. After that it all came together pretty quickly. I think the vocal sample was the last part; added by Thrash Pilot at right before mix down. Into Infinity - Fractals started the rough sketches with this one, but it went through a load of iterations before Thrash Pilot even saw it. When he had finally settled on a basic composition Thrash Pilot took over and added a slew of bass parts and textures, drum licks, effects and edits, then once again Fractals stepped back in to finish off on the mix down. Their weirdest - and most difficult - track so far!

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