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  1. Fox Bio:

    MC Fox.. A stalwart of the Manchester underground music scene, Fox has been making music,
    hosting sets and nice-ing up dance for awhile now. Manchester born, Jamaican bred and now back in Manchester, Fox is an Mc, lyricist who has grown into an artist.
    Fox seems to move easily in and out of styles and seems to have something in the box to compliment every genre. The proof is in the ever increasing list of quality tracks he has had released on labels like Critical, Soul:R, Shogun Audio, Dirty Bird, Sidestepper, Tru Thoughts, Estate, Contagious, Prolificrecs and Fat City. Some notable collaberations have been with the likes of Dub Phizix on ‘Never Been’ and ‘Narrow Eyes’, with Drs ‘Soul Remembers’ and ‘Bun Ya’, Marcus Intalex and Calibre ‘Runaway’, Claude Vonstroke and Py on ‘Oakland Rope’, Mouse Outfit ft Sparkz ‘Built in a Day’, Omar and Zed Bias ‘Dancing’, Biome ‘No Tomorrow’ and Skittles ‘Shottin’.


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