Jah Screechy

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  1. Jah Screechy is most famous for “Walk & Skank“, a UK dancehall classic originally conceptualised in the dancehall on Sir Lloyd Coxsone sound, where Screechy first toasted over 20 years ago. The original 1984 release ‘Walk and Skank’ was mixed by Peter Chemist on the Answer Riddim for Blacker Dread and has been remixed by various producers ever since, the most notorious being the 1992 smash from SL2 ‘On a Ragga Tip’ released on XL records, an instant classic which achieved commercial success bringing the anthemic ‘Walk & Skank’ chorus to a worldwide audience.
    Right now Screechy is back on the scene working with Kris Kemist on some fresh material, including an EP to be released on Reality Shock Records. He is recently working with the Jahtari label and is featured on the 2LP „March Of The Gremlins“ by Naram with the hit tune „MC Magic“ and on the „Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4“ with another big tune called „Love Me A Deal With“. Jah Screechy also released killer cut name „Think Me Did Gone“ on Cubiculo Records and lately did a combination with the Red Eye label to be released well soon..to be continued!
    As a versatile vocalist with the stamina to survive both rave and reggae soundsystem shows, Jah Screechy stands shoulder to shoulder on the Reality Shock roster with the likes of Speng Bond and Solo Banton, described collectively by Kemist as ‘a generation of artists who grew up around soundsystems & can toast
    lyrics all night long’


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