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  1. Born and raised in one of the most celebrated musical cities in the world, Manchester, MC Tonn Piper has been blazing a path through the drum n bass scene for many years. During this time, Tonn has earned the respect of audiences and his peers nationwide as well as an army of fans that travel all over the UK and Europe to watch him perform. Renowned for his versatile flow and flexibility to adapt
    to different music genres, Tonn has a unique talent in combining his relentless rolling style with the ability of adapting and responding to a variety of crowds. These attributes have helped him build a fierce reputation in the industry, becoming a regular host for elite DJ’s such as Andy C, DJ Hype, Scratch Perverts, Stanton warriors, Freestlyers, Goldie, Ronisize, Skream and Benga.

    In his hometown of Manchester, Tonn is resident at the iconic Warehouse Project, which plays host to popular nights, APE and Metropolis. Tonn can also be seen putting in pulsating performances at; Global Gathering on the Random Concept stage, Creamfields, hosting the APE stage, Sanctuary Festival, One Nation/Slamming Vinyl, Innovation in the Sun and Dam, World of Drum and Bass, the massive Ultra Festival in Miami, VALVE, Tuesday Club, Xplicit, Sub Dub, Breaking Science. Working with such names Tonn has gained a wealth of experience and now has a huge fan base which is expanding by day. These massive events have given him the huge platform from which to catapult his career to the next level.

    Tonn Piper has also caught the eyes and ears of the UK’s most popular radio stations, with countless appearances on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra under his belt. Starting way back with performances on Monday nights with DJ Sappo, L-Double’s MC Sessions and several of the Xtra Bass tours 2006/7, introduced him to the radio genre. He’s brought in the New Year twice for Radio 1; Hosting for Sappo, Fabio and Grooverider, which was the 1st simultaneous, broadcast of Radio 1 and 1Xtra in Manchester, 2004/5 at Metropolis vs. Factory and hosting again for the New Year celebrations 2008, with a Pendulum DJ set live from Metropolis in Leeds. More recently, he performed at the 2009 Drum and Bass awards live, with the legendary duo, Fabio and Grooverider. Tonn Piper enjoys the privileged of teaming up with them for many influential club nights and important radio shows.

    Tonn Piper is, however, not an artist that can be pigeonholed. Diversifying to allow him the scope to explore other music genres, Tonn continues to push the boundaries as the lead front man of the band, Daywalkers. Their unique and unforgettable sound is a vibrant fusion of Hip Hop, Rock Metal with a hint of Drum ‘n’ Bass thrown into the mix. With this new venture, Tonn Piper has well and truly stepped outside of the box, helping to set him apart from most of the other ‘run of the mill’ MC’s on the scene. Tonn is entering territory never before seen by a drum and bass MC. Working on new and interesting projects, whilst still committing to lighting up the drum and bass scene, MC Tonn Piper is changing perceptions and challenging expectations.


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