Yemi Bolatiwa

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  1. ‘Yemi Bolatiwa is a singer/songwriter born in London, brought up in the south and Manchester resident of 6 years. She doesn’t stick to one genre of music with the belief that most genres of music can be injected with a bit of soul. As lead singer of a soul/break beat/DnB band Pareidolia her influences vary from 90’s R’n’B to 70’s soul and motown and she writes lyrics for music from future garage to soulful house or reggae to D’n’B. Aaliyah, Erykah Badu Lauryn Hill and Brandy are her most prominent influences, but she singer is constantly growing, looking to collaborate and feature with more dj’s, musicians and producers having worked with Unit137 and MC Potent Whisper of the South London scenes. The most recent release with Dope Ammo Records is an example of the kind of collaborations she is embarking on, with more ambient bass releases set with MCR based producer FREnchFire.’


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